The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection

or the Survival of (R)Evolutionary Theories in the face of Scientific and Ecclesiastical Objections:

being a Musical Comedy about Charles Darwin (1809-1882)



Tangram Theatre - the company that brings you this resplendent production

Who Is John Hinton - the website of the play’s writer and performer, and the webmaster of this site (hereinafter referred to as “me”)

Spalien Acecraft - the home page of my band, whose music is similar in vein to that in the show

Email me to enquire about the show, this website or any other (relevant) matter that might be pressing on your mind, and to order copies of the script.

Charles Darwin - a link to the Wikipedia entry for the man it’s all about (contains a good list of other useful links)

@johnny_acecraft - a link to my Twitter account, where I tweet from the tour and about life and, you know, tweety things